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Cozying Up with PBK's Latest Podcasts

Winter weather has finally arrived in the nation’s capital, and all of us at the PBK national office are eager to cozy up indoors with warm beverages and a few good podcast episodes. Fortunately, we’re in no short supply! Phi Beta Kappa offers a wide variety of content for audiophiles and podcast newbies alike, all sure to satisfy the most voracious of lifelong learners. The Key Conversations podcast features in-depth conversations between our Secretary and CEO Fred Lawrence and Phi Beta Kappa’s Visiting Scholars, with episodes released monthly. Over at our magazine The American Scholar, Smarty Pants boasts interviews with the liveliest voices from literature, the arts, sciences, history, and public affairs. And the Scholar will soon be adding another podcast to its repertoire: Americans in Paris, produced in tandem with the American Library in Paris, will follow critic and author Thomas Chatterton Williams as he lives and works in Paris. Stay tuned on the Scholar site for the official release in February. 


Until spring weather arrives (and with it, induction season!), we’ll be warm and cozy indoors, enjoying what our five original founders probably never could have predicted: that the “love of learning” could guide us right from our headphones. 

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